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Kate in Brockmoor. i would recommend david to everybody who wants to learn to drive. before i used david i was with bill plant for about six months as i have small children and due to working times i was only able to fit 2 hours a week. it got to a point that i was paying £45 for 2 hours and comming away feeling so deflated and confused due to the lengthy discussions at the side of the road, so i looked for a different instructor. i went online and found a couple of numbers for intensive driving in brierley hill on google and rang around. from the first piont of contact on the phone david was so pleasant and professional. i was instantly put at ease, and after having a bad time learning to drive, it was a breath of fresh air. david told me that he would have to do a 2 hour assessment to see how many days i would need. i met david at my preferred location and in the first 5 mins of metting him i was at ease and comfortable. we got straight on the road and he explained that i should go and book my test straight away as i did not need an intensive course just 2 hours a week untill my test and i would be ready. it was fantastic to have someone believe in me and he gave me the confidence to drive. we hardly spent time discussing at the side of the road. he was a firm believer of using the full 2 hours to let me drive. we were taling that much that i would feel that 2 hours went so quickly and after i would feel like i was doing well. david was right i passed my test first time. if i had found him in the first place i would have saved myself so much time and money. i will be recommending him to any one i know who is learning the drive as there is no one better at instructing than david.

Dr Ahmed. My wife learnt to drive by taking an intensive driving course with Dave from Pass Direct. We found Dave to be the ultimate professional, very calm, relaxed approach, which is what we were looking for as my wife was very nervous. We would like to thank your company for helping her pass first time and getting her to drive to a good solid standard (as her husband, I’m not the best passenger and I would be the first to criticize if she was below par). My wife driving with ease has made a huge difference to our days. Once again thank you for all your hard work. Mr Ahmed

Mizz T Dudley. I started driving lessons with Dave in the march of 2012 as I was unhappy with my previous instructor as it seemed to take such a long time to get through certain stages of driving with him. With Dave, it was completely different, I felt comfortable and at ease with Dave from the very beginning as he was patient and easy going. He was very understanding whenever I made mistakes and took the time to explain things thoroughly and was professional at all time. I advanced far better with Dave than with my previous instructor and in a shorter space of time and passed my driving test in April this year. I would definitely recommend Dave to anyone.

Melvin Ahmed. Found Pass Direct to be very very good. Passed first time, driving test went really well. I felt Dave prepared me well so didn’t feel as nervous apart from the first couple of minutes.

Hayley Collinson Tipton. Dave has been a fantastic driving instructor! I recently passed my test after starting having driving lessons in January this year. Dave has always encouraged me during lessons and I have enjoyed having him as an instructor. He doesnt sit you at the side of the road for an endless amount of time, talking you through how to drive, but instead lets you spend your time actually driving. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who wants to learn to drive as I and a significant number of my family members and friends, have passed their driving tests with pass direct

Bradley Noades. My experiences with pass direct have been great. Dave was very reassuring and eased me into the driving process comfortably. Having had several bad experiences and issues with past instructors not communicating there instructions I found Dave to be completely different, he instructed me clearly and in plenty of time. I would recommend using www.passdirectdrivingschool.co.uk.I am pleased to say I passed my test first time.

Geoffrey Cartlidge Dudley. Before taking driving lessons with pass direct,I had wasted a lot of time and money with other driving instructors. One of whom told me they were no longer prepared to have me on there books as a pupil. Low on confidence I spoke to dave at pass direct, who arranged for me to go out with him on an assessment lesson. My confidence was quickly restored and 3 months later I successfully passed my test. Without daves professionalism and patience this would not have been possible.

Mrs Wheldon Dudley. my experience with pass direct was excellent ,I have tried to pass my driving test for the past 20 years and could not achieve this . Having lessons with David gave me the confidence to achieve my long term goal. I have had lesson with many different driving schools over the years and found that I gave up on my first fail .David encouraged me to persevere and with his patients and understanding i passed second time ,I can not thank David enough for giving me my Independence and freedom.

Sandeep Kaur Oldbury. I had taken lessons from two different instructors before coming to pass direct. But the confidence and self belief only came to me after having lessons with David, which I had previously lost with other instructors. David has a very good quality of looking at your needs and shortcoming and plans your lesson accordingly rather than just following a fixed lesson plan for everyone. Dave not only teaches you driving but also builds your confidence. I want to say a big thanks to David for letting me pass first time.


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