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Study & Reference

The official syllabus for learning to drive is logically structured to enable you to learn systematically, building skills as you move through the syllabus. If you are using a Drivers Record or “log book”, either the official DSA version, or one supplied by the driving school, you will find the syllabus divided into a series of subjects, which together cover all aspects of driving.

These subjects naturally fall into three groups, driving basics, more complex driving skills, and subjects specific to the Theory and Practical driving test. Therefore we have arranged the syllabus subjects into three modules, and you can access more information by clicking on the sections below.


How to pass
your driving test

The Highway Code The Highway Code will be your principal reference source. It can be accessed by clicking here.

Study Modules

Module 1 Module 2 Module 3
  • Cockpit checks. Safety checks. Mirrors-vision and use. Signals
  • Moving away & stopping. Controls & instruments
  • Anticipation & planning
  • Junctions. Roundabouts
  • Use of Speed
  • Other traffic
  • Safe positioning
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Reversing manoeuvres
  • Emergency stops
  • “Show and Tell” questions
  • Documents

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