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Driving Instructors

All Pass Direct Driving instructors

  • Registered with the DSA,
  • Have passed a criminal record check (CRB).
  • Pass a much tougher theory and practical driving test, and pass a test of ability to give instruction (ADIs),
  • Display an ADI identification on the windscreen of the tuition vehicle.
  • Maintain a high standard of instruction – DSA check this standard regularly.

Choosing the right
driving instructor

The DSA website states that Nine out of Ten learners who passed the practical driving test on their first attempt were taught by an ADI.

First of all and in my view the most important thing is your instructor fully qualified an ADI or a trainee driving instructor PDI?

ADIs is a fully qualified driving instructors and must have a green badge in his windscreen of the car while teaching you.

PDIs is are trainee driving instructors given a pink triangular badge for six months to gain experience before their qualifying test most trainees about 2 out of 3 do not pass this ADI part 3 test.

Driving Instructor Grades

ADI grades. The (DSA) Driving Standards Agency Grade all driving instructor 4, 5 or 6 the highest standard is a grade 6, which approximately 6 per cent of ADIs will have attained. About 20 per cent of ADIs have a grade 5, which is also a very good standard, and grade 4 means that they’re competent.

All driving instructors must display ADI green badge or a trainee pink badge when giving instructions.

Pass Rate, Ask you driving instructor about his pass rates and how many lessons as an average.

Price cheapest lessons often have a high price you get what you pay for! If you’re driving instructor spends most of your lesson talking at the side of the road are you learning? or is he slowing you down?  As a rule of thumb 5 to 10 minutes should be enough time to introduce a new subject.

Is it a full HOUR A lot of deals are not for 60 minute lessons. And start up deals are not always the first lessons and you might to stay with a bad instructor to get the full number of lessons, i.e. the last 4 lessons may only be taken the week of the test etc.

All DSA driving instructors must display an ADI or PDI badge in the windscreen when giving Tuition beware of illegal driving instructors.

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