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Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons

At Pass Direct driving school we have automatic driving instructors that offers you a range of structured driving lessons and driving courses.

We can even schedule you a intensive high quality driving lessons so you can pass your driving test quicker and save yourself money. Pass direct driving school is committed to high quality driving lessons.

Why drive an Automatic ?

No Gears ! No Clutch ! Just Select D for Drive And Just concentrate on the road ahead. And the best bit Automatic Car’s will not Stall.

We believe that learning to drive should be enjoyable and we know from experience that you will learn so much quicker if your lessons are fun and interesting. Check out our study & reference section to help you pass your test. Always ask your instructor for advice about learning to drive.

  • Automatic Driving Courses.
  • Automatic Intensive Courses.
  • Automatic Pass Plus
  • Automatic Crash Courses.
  • Block Booking Discounts
  • Nervous Pupils welcome.
  • Automatic Driving School.

Now offers, Automatic Intensive driving courses, Automatic Crash driving courses, and Automatic driving lessons, Automatic Pass Plus. Weekly lessons.

Please contact us for details on availability.


Automatic Test Rescue


  • 6 hours over 1 day
  • For a pupil that has just failed a practical test with minor mistakes, and or needs a fresh look at there overall driving
  • includes practical test fee


Mini Automatic Intensive Course


  • 10 hours in one week
  • Ideal if you have failed a test and need a little more confidence
  • includes practical test fee

Confidence Booster 15 Hr Course


  • 15 Hour Intensive Course
  • Ideal for pupils a bit nervous after a test fail
  • includes practical test fee

20 Hour Automatic intensive driving course


  • Ideal if you have had training  but need to improve up to test standard
  • Includes practical test fee


30 Hour Automatic intensive driving courses

* Popular

  • Over two weeks Designed for the more confident pupil who requires fast pass tuition
  • includes practical test fee

40 Hour Automatic intensive driving courses


  • Over 2/3 weeks.
  • Great for absolute beginner who requires professional tuition from start to pass.
  • Includes theory test fee and practical test fee

50 Hour Automatic intensive driving courses


  • Over 3/4 weeks.
  • Ideal if your a little nervous  for beginner that will benefit from extra driving experience
  • Includes theory test fee and practical test fee

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